REPORT: Finishing the season in Córdoba

A very promising end of the trout season began in the province of Córdoba (Argentina).

In general, the rivers are in excellent condition and with a good water level due to a very rainy summer and early fall.

A new day of fishing in San Clemente showed us the excellent fishing in the area, with a good number of catches and trout of good size.

We had a perfect day for fishing, warm, sunny, calm wind and a river with lots of water but totally crystalline. We were struck by the amount of grasshoppers that we found in the vicinity of the river, something unusual for this time of year, but that set us a bit the fishing strategy of the day.

So we started fishing with different patterns of grasshopper imitations and quickly got the first captures of cute and fighting trout.

Throughout the morning we changed the fly patterns so that what answers they had. We used dry as Stimulators, nymphs and small streamers and good answers were obtained in all cases. But the trophy of the day was tempted with a grasshopper.

It is very important to have a good control of the line in situations like the current one where the river is very fast due to the amount of water it has. Good corrections and correct control of the line prevents the fly from drifting too fast, or even worse, skating in the water to achieve a correct presentation of our fly.

After an excellent morning of fishing we decided to enjoy a good lunch and then fish some sectors near the camp.

In summary ... We had an excellent day of fishing within what promises to be a very good end of season. Trout of good size and very brawny that took perfectly the different patterns of flies (dried, nymphs and streamers) that we present.

Do not miss the end of season 2018/19 in Córdoba.

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Córdoba, Argentina.
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