Testimonials: Jungle Tarpon Exploration

We explored the rivers of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in search of the Jungle Tarpon. This migratory tarpon rises from the Atlantic Ocean for more than 200 kilometers of river to feed, spawn and then return to the sea.

This is a destination for those who like adventure, fishing for great tarpons and the challenge. In these jungle rivers, with structures and situations more associated with the fishing of dorados and tucunares, there are tarpones that hover between 100 and 200 pounds. The fishing is done on ravines, sticks, tips of islands and other structures that occur in these rivers surrounded by monkeys, toucans and a humid jungle, where it is common to see sardine hunts with fish that fly everywhere. All situations that remind us of the fishing of dorados and tucunarés, but on the other side are these giant tarpones that once nailed present the true challenge

Unlike fishing in salty waters as in the flats where the Tarpon has space to run, here we must restrain it with force so that it does not get into the poles and with great risks of cuts and breaking of hooks. There are more species that inhabit these waters, such as the Guapotes and the Snooks, but the main attraction is the great tarpon. There are not many small tarpones and something very particular is the existence of resident specimens, these are large females that stay all year round in the river and are distinguished by the pink color they take on their sides. The teams must be powerful, being the # 12 the ideal to stop these silver giants, but casting all day these teams is very tiring and that is why it is also recommended to take a # 10 team to rest.

This destination is not recommended for those fishermen with little or no experience in tarpon fishing. The Jungle Tarpon is an exhausting adventure at times but it is a challenge of great emotions.

The Jungle Tarpon 2019 is already underway ... Live the adventure

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