Testimonials: The surprising "Los Roques"

The trip was designed with the objective of fishing Triggerfish. Fishing for this species is an obsession and that is why the agency recommended me as Los Roques destination.

I was really surprised with the quantity and quality of Triggerfish that live in Los Roques and I found a difficult species to fish.

Using very light flies I managed not to be scared when it touched the water, but at the slightest movement the Triggers turned around and left, I had many opportunities but only two of them attacked the fly, and both came out victorious. Once nailed they offered a powerful fight, looking for the shelter of the coral and causing cuts of leader and even of the line.

Both samples proved to be very strong and they left me with that bitter taste. But in the Triggerfish of Los Roques I found a real challenge for those fishermen looking for something different.

My fishing plan for this trip was for the sole purpose of the Triggerfish, I did not care about another species that was not that, but there was another spice that also surprised me in Los Roques ... Permits

I was amazed by the amount and sizes of Permits that I saw and this forced me to make an exception in the "original plan". I could not pass up that opportunity since in no other destination had I found "those Permits".

And I'm going to tell this story from back to front, starting with the second Permit captured.

Searching and searching we see a group of Permits coming, I throw the fly (a green shrimp) and three of the Permits pounced on the fly but did not take it and left. We continue walking and looking for them for about 15 minutes until the guide manages to see the group again, I throw the fly and perform short and fast strips. In that I have an attack that does not stick and there just another that I do not know if it was a different Permit or the same but I could capture it.

The previous afternoon I had captured the first Permit, the trophy ... a beast of around 15 kg that gave 4 hours of fighting, and could take it out at night.

The Permit forced us to get on the boat because it ran out to sea and once there the only thing I could do was endure.

He was the total ruler of the race, it was a tough fight from the top of the boat and with enough wind. Team # 10 took it to the limit, many times I thought that everything exploded but in the end and with the night over I could lift it.

Near 11 o'clock at night we returned to the inn, with the body totally tired, but with the joy of a great capture that gave the energy to start the next day.

I do not want to stop mentioning also the Bonefish .. That there are and good ones.

And since I had deviated from the "original plan" ...

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