In the jungles of Guainía, in Colombia, is the capital of Puerto Inírida or also called only as Inírida. Without a doubt it is a region surrounded by water where you can see it. And this is very easy to identify when on a map, near the main port, we can see the Inírida River, the Guaviare River, the Orinoco River and hundreds of tributaries, which forms The so-called 'fluvial star'. It is precisely in the Inírida River where the incredible CACO BOCON empties. Place of life of the tucunares or Colombian giant curassows.

During the days of fishing, you can enjoy its immense beauty and crystal clear rivers, you can fish not only the giant tucunares, but also very sporty species such as fighters and big payaras or puppies, the tireless yamú, the aggressive moncholos or tararira and some catfish species.

It really is a paradise that any lover of sport fishing should visit, as the jungles with trees grown at par, their macaws and parrots, the aquatic and aquatic richness of fish, beaches of completely white sand, and the quality of people with what do you You relate, make this place of today's peaceful Colombian jungles, in one of the destinations par excellence of the true lovers of this wonderful sport.

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