Natural beauty in its maximum expression is the first thing that occurs to me when thinking about this wonderful place.

In my case, the trip at the end of May 2019, was a particular experience, because with the great amount of news from Venezuela it seemed an almost impossible destination or at least very risky, but beca...

A very promising end of the trout season began in the province of Córdoba (Argentina).

In general, the rivers are in excellent condition and with a good water level due to a very rainy summer and early fall.

A new day of fishing in San Clemente showed us the excellent fishing in the area, with a good number of catches and...

"This beautiful river of clear waters, clear and full of rapids, is in the middle of a forest still quite conserved, where wildlife abounds in all its region: strong and fast tucunarés pinimas, paiaras, bicudas, apapás, matrinchas, corvinas ", jatuaranas and pacus, are just some of the species of scale fish that we cou...

"A destination for those who like adventure, fishing for great tarpons and the challenge"

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The fishing of trout in summer is very particular and is very conditioned by the current rainfall regime.
If a dry summer occurs, high temperatures and low river flow make a bad combination for trout. This greatly influences their behavior and also their physical state.
At the other extreme, if the summer is rainy, ther...

We explored the rivers of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in search of the Jungle Tarpon.
This migratory tarpon rises from the Atlantic Ocean for more than 200 kilometers of river to feed, spawn and then return to the sea.

This is a destination for those who like adventure, fishing for great tarpons and the challenge.
In these...

The Tucunaré Tour 2018 took us to a new adventure in the Amazon Jungle to fish the Tucuna River Juma.
The high level of water and the high temperature of it forced us to try and change the fishing strategy in search of better results.

Looking for fresher and more oxygenated waters, the Tucunares were positioned in deeper...

The Middle Paraná offers us a great amount of environments for the fishing of Goldens Dorados, Surubí and other species that live there.

Travel with Peacock Fly Trips to the best destinations on the Middle Paraná.

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The trip was designed with the objective of fishing Triggerfish. Fishing for this species is an obsession and that is why the agency recommended me as Los Roques destination.

I was really surprised with the quantity and quality of Triggerfish that live in Los Roques and I found a difficult species to fish.

Using very ligh...

This was our first experience in Cuba and the truth was a spectacular adventure. The boat of first level, with a very good attention, guides really experts, knowledgeable and committed to provide the best service.

The weather of our fishing week was excellent which allowed us to fish without complications every day.

We we...

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Córdoba, Argentina.
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