Puerto Carreño is located on the border with Venezuela and is divided by the great Orinoco River. Capital of the department of Vichada and known for its extensive plains bathed by the majestic and unique protected river of Colombia ... THE BEAUTIFUL RIVER BITA.

During the summer season between December and April, the beaches of thin white sand, are formed on both sides of the river to welcome our fishermen and enjoy one of the...

The fishing season in Puerto Carreño begins at the end of December when the waters of the Orinoco River fall in level and the fish are concentrated in the lagoons and channels of the rivers characteristic of the meanders.
In the month of April the rains begin and with them the season ends.

The Program is of 6 full days of fishing with lodging in hotel, for the fishing aluminum boats are used for two people, with a botero-guide...

In the jungles of Guainía, in Colombia, is the capital of Puerto Inírida or also called only as Inírida. Without a doubt it is a region surrounded by water where you can see it. And this is very easy to identify when on a map, near the main port, we can see the Inírida River, the Guaviare River, the Orinoco River and hundreds of tributaries, which forms The so-called 'fluvial star'. It is precisely in the Inírida River where t...

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